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          Zhejiang Liown Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


          The third-generation semiconductor will start in Taizhou, and the “Liown Speed” 8-month line will be put into operation.

          2019-07-18 16:20:57 Sources: Zhejiang Liown Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 793

          On the morning of April 29, the first phase of the chip manufacturing production line of Liown Semiconductor, a special major industrial project in Zhejiang Province, was officially put into operation. In the near future, the soymilk machine and washing machine that you use, including the air-conditioning chip, may be marked with the "Taizhou-made" logo. This is also an important step for “Liown” from the original pure development, design, sales, and manufacturing. The starting point is in Taizhou!

          Liown Semiconductor is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, development, chip manufacturing, packaging testing and product sales of power semiconductor devices. The company is headquartered in California, USA, with R&D and sales centers in Seoul, South Korea and Shenzhen, China.

          In August 2018, the company built its own wafer production base in Taizhou. It mainly produces 2-stage tube chips, thyristor chips and TVS chips. It will be widely used in communications, home appliances, motor control and other fields, such as kitchen appliances and industrial servo motors.

          The first phase of the wafer production base covers an area of 20 mu, and the power semiconductor chip production line and product sealing and measuring line are formed. It has an annual output of 600,000 wafers and 260 million finished products. At the same time, the establishment of national power semiconductor device product development laboratory and performance testing center.

          Huang Fuqiang, general manager of Liyang Company: The concept and design of our team will be transformed into real products in Yuhuan Factory and sold to customers all over the world. I believe that in the near future, we will be able to let ‘Liyangxin’ fill the whole of China and go to the world to contribute to the development of Taizhou’s industry.

          Li Xiaofeng, Chairman of “Liyang” Company: From the project site selection to the route, we have experienced various “impossible possibilities”. Taizhou’s “mother-style” service makes us feel very warm.

          At the ceremony, Li Xiaofeng was deeply grateful for the choice of Taizhou. He said that at the beginning, "Liown" took a fancy to Taizhou's excellent business environment. It turned out that this choice was wrong. “Liown” will invest another 3.5 billion yuan to build a third-generation semiconductor important base.

          With the landing of the Liyang project, Taizhou has also built a semiconductor industry and built a Liown Industrial Park as a major initiative and platform to promote high-quality development and enhance industrial competitiveness. We will spare no effort to provide services and provide the best business environment. "Taizhou will not let you down." It is reported that starting from Liown, Taizhou will focus on chip design, manufacturing, packaging and chip equipment for the entire industry chain, and strive to build an important base for the third-generation semiconductor industry. In terms of policies, Taizhou's semiconductor industry development plan will be formulated, and a special policy for the semiconductor industry will be introduced. In the financial aspect, the integrated circuit Taizhou Industrial Fund will be actively planned for 1 billion yuan; on the platform, the Taizhou Semiconductor Industrial Park will be established to build an industrial public service platform; In terms of cooperation, professional universities and vocational and technical colleges at home and abroad will cooperate to train local semiconductor technicians.